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Shapes & Colours

Zomg blogging! I haven't written in ages; been to busy actually having a life. Today, however, I'm just sitting around at home and have nothing better to do. It's been an overly dramatic couple of months.... now I find myself left with the dregs of a relationship swilling around in the bottom of a teacup. Without sounding too melancholy, it was fun while it lasted, I guess. I keep ending up in these fucked up situations, I wish I could have a normal, nice relationship where the two people don't go out of their ways to destroy each other. That might be nice. Then again, I'd probably get bored with nice. So I can't win either way. Relationships are complicated =[. I think I have to just cut all ties from this previous relationship (should I say current? Is it even really over?) so I can move on and actually do something good for myself....

I got a new job, which I haven't started yet. I'm excited about it, I guess. It'll be good to actually have stuff to do, since I finished uni I've been bored///excessively partying :P. The partying is good. But I'm slowly getting more and more worn out haha. Working in Brisbane will be fun but the thing is my sister will be working on the coast  so I get to be by myself. The only person I know who's staying in Bris over the holidays is F; and that doesn't really work with my cutting-off-all-communication with him plan. I don't even know if I will. I keep meaning to & then we'll hang out and I don't. He probably wouldn't care. . . . .

I'm going back to France after university for like a year. I miss europe! I'm going to the USA next year, if I ever get this fucking application finalised. Hopefully it will be done by next week. Am I just filling my life with travel plans to escape reality? Scratch that, now is not the time for philosophical reflection.

Exhaustion is winning, I'm going to bed.

Au revoir.