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Adventures in Life & Fiction

Well I'm a little socialite right now. I went to GLC's housewarming party last night and while the party itself was a bit of a bore, I met this guy who we'll call... F. (I am _so_ creative with my little acronyms.) Anyway, F was cool, and he called me just now (which was a bit weird, I guess) and apparently we're doing something, sometime. I wasn't really listening.

A is still in America and has a new boyfriend who she delights in telling me about their sexual exploits. The other day she told me I really should go and flirt with someone because I was "sexually ready". WTF? She's my best friend but the stuff she comes out with is just mad.

New development with DMG who I haven't spoken to in months - All of a sudden she starts talking to me about how I hurt her the last time I saw her (which I was only semi consciously admitting to myself) and then she's like well let's meet up and talk about it. And I REALLY dont' want to. As mean as it sounds, i'm fine not being friends with her. She's become annoying. Somehow we went from being so close to virtually hating each other - but I guess the other girls' opinions of her don't really help - I spend so much time with them I guess it's natural for it to rub off on me..... meh.

Going to the EKKA tomorrow I think for the first time ever, to see the fireworks!! Going to stay at BM's house afterwards, with the girls. Anyway, I have to go finish making dinner and listen to my sister complain... I wish I could keep a digital tally of how many times she rants on, like on the chasers! It would make a cool little dinging sound and I would laugh..... meh.

P.S. Have started writing a vampire novel - meant to explain more about this, but save it till next time. K BAII X