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I'm totally blogging this shit

Dear God I feel like shit today. Note: this is all self inflicted; seeing as I drank fuck knows how much vodka last night. My memory loss disturbs me. Usually I feel too sick to carry on drinking before I get to that stage   but no, not last night. I always effing forget that my liver likes to call in sick and not do it's job. I have one of those slacker livers that could be compared to a hobo leeching off the dole. The condition has a name, but I forget. It's a boring medical anomaly that has virtually no symptoms save for the slow process of toxins. Medically I really shouldn't drink at all, but fuck it.

I hate myself right now. I vaguely remember crying and being sick and getting a cab home. Longest cab ride of my life, fucking $20. the last three dollars was because the mean cabbie left the meter running as I opened the door and threw up. Hot. Actually he was really nice, offering me water and stuff.

I'm praying that the phone doesn't ring - (A) because it's so shrill I think my head would actually explode, and (B) it will most likely be my mum and I really don't want to mumble my way through that conversation.

I think I'm just gonna blindly watch tv for the rest of the day. Fuck doing assignments.

So this being the most boring, self-pitying post I've ever written, I shall leave you now.

E xx